Flow through cell Dissolution Tester

Dissolution tester for poorly soluble and release control dose forms

The CE 7smart is the 4th generation of Sotax's design for dissolution of poorly soluble and release control dosage forms via USP Apparatus 4 (Flow-Through Cell Dissolution), and is compliant to USP, EP and JP for Small Volume Dissolution and Poorly Soluble Compound Testing under Sink conditions. Based on 35 years of experience, the CE 7smart meets USP requirements for the flow rate and temperature to be qualified, and is designed to overcome potential challenges linked to method development for a variety of dosage forms.

Able to operate in an open or closed loop configuration, the CE 7smart can be coupled with a UV-visible spectrophotometer under the control of WinSOTAX Advanced Dissolution Software for on-line measurements throughout the dissolution. For off-line analysis, the CE 7smart can be connected to a fraction collector. When maximum flexibility is needed the CE 7smart can be connected to both a UV and a fraction collector.

  • Can handle a wide range of test substances with cells designed for MR (Modified Release), CR (Controlled Release) and ER (Extended Release) dosage forms in different formats
  • Cells designed for variable dosage forms: tablets, powders, implants, suppositories, soft gelatin capsules, pellets, APIs, medical devices, ophthalmic devices, drug-eluting stents, creams and ointments, gels, suspensions, microspheres, liposomes and nanospheres
  • No limitation on the volume: 15ml→∞ (option)
  • Easily configured on- or offline to meet different requirements – can set different flow rate to speed up method development
  • Based on flow-through cell design concept, closer to in vivo dissolution
  • Front keypad with graphic display shows all operating parameters at a glance.
  • Online changing of media (for specified configuration)
  • Automated sample preparation and rinsing
  • Integrated cleaning functions
  • 21 CFR compliant for software control
  • Pharmaceutical industry
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