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This section presents a selection of solutions to fit common needs – but every case is unique.

Put yourself in the hands of our experts, and you can be confident that your process will be automated in a way that is efficient, practical, based on world-class equipment, seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, and can save you time and money.
Take a look at these sample solutions here, then bring your requirements to us for the best customized solution to meet your own individual needs.
Automated Solutions #01
High Throughput & High Output Polyolefin Synthesis, Screening, Optimization & QC

Chemspeed’s SMOLEFIN technology is the premier solution for high throughput and high output catalyst research and development, opening new dimensions to synthesize, reformat, store and apply the most sensitive and aggressive catalysts and reagents.

Automated Solutions #02
Dried Blood Spot Online Extraction System for Newborn Screening

Newborn screening of inborn error of metabolism is a public health program provided by most of the countries around the world aimed at screening newborns for a list of serious genetic and metabolic disorders. Early diagnosis of those conditions can help prevent their further development which untreated often results in brain damage, organ damage, and even death. A routine neonatal screening procedure requires that a medical professional takes a few drops of blood from the baby’s heel, applies them onto a filter paper and sends such prepared Dried Blood Spot (DBS) samples to a laboratory for a number of analytical tests.  

Automated Solutions #03
SFC Technology
for Preparative Chiral Separation

The famous “Thalidomide Incident” in the 1960’s, which lead to the birth of about 12,000 defected babies, has raised worldwide attention to the importance of identification and separation for chiral drugs. This incident further urged FDA to impose strict requirements on submitting chirality research data for new drug application. Such data include the separation method, efficacy, toxicity and side effects of a chiral drug for both the pure enantiomer and racemic form. Because of the strong influence of chirality on drug efficacy and safety, an efficient and effective separation of the chiral structures is inevitably necessary throughout the drug development process.

Automated Solutions #04
Parallel Crystallizers for Drug Development

Crystallization research plays an important role in the drug development process as majority of the therapeutic drugs exhibits in multiple polymorph forms and technically each polymorph possess different physical properties. Differences in physical properties (e.g. solubility, hygroscopicity, melting point) would then affect other important properties such as product bioavailability and stability.

Automated Solutions #05
High Throughput Inkjet Printing Technology in Printed Electronics

Inkjet printing technology (IJP) is a highly prospective deposition technique in printed electronics attributed to its advantages such as non-contact printing, material-saving, low cost, wide applicability, easy-to-use, etc. It has been widely used to manufacture organic/inorganic diodes, transistors, and solar cells, etc. However, using IJP to manufacture outstanding devices needs an optimization for printing materials and various factors involved in the whole preparative process, inevitably bringing in huge workload. Because of limitation on cost, manpower, time and instrumentation, researchers may miss the chances leading to new discoveries and desirable results. High-throughput (HT) screening (HTS) technology provides an economical and efficient way to achieve the goals, boosting the research process.

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This section presents a number of solutions to meet the common needs of our customers – but each one is unique.

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