Founded in 1998, NIKYANG Enterprise Limited has developed a reputation for dynamic leadership, satisfying our customers with innovative one-stop fully-automated laboratory solutions and support.

Our state-of-the-art products and services make a major contribution to promoting lab efficiency, modernization, and consistency of results across a range of industries in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we support our customers through an extensive sales network in major cities of China and other Asian countries. We are the region’s sole distributor for a select group of highly respected European brands of advanced laboratory equipment. Our customers are mostly quality control and research & development labs in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food sectors, as well as government laboratories and university research centres.

Our mission: to revolutionize Chinese scientific laboratories

Our goal is to transform Chinese and other Asian labs, for both QC and R&D, from inefficient and low-throughput manual processing to fully-automated high-throughput operation. With a more systematic and efficient methodology, they will enjoy higher productivity and achieve faster, more standardized and more consistently accurate test results. This will enable our clients – across a wide range of sectors from pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and food, to government labs and university research centres – to compete successfully at a world-class level.

Our commitment to continual improvement

NIKYANG is committed to the continual improvement of our solutions and services. We are passionate about innovation, constantly exploring new equipment and techniques to enable us to generate new ideas – even seemingly unconventional ones. This process opens up new possibilities, leading to novel or enhanced solutions and the automation of lab processes preciously performed manually. In furtherance of this philosophy of continual exploration, we collaborate in the research work of several universities in Hong Kong and internationally.

Our Services

We don't just sell equipment – we pride ourselves on adding value to our customers' businesses and facilitating their success through comprehensive service and support. Our full range of support includes:

Modular Approach

Integration is a key word for NIKYANG.​

我们的模块化方式,将来自不同供应商最适合的产品进行组合-包括必要的第三方产品 – 帮助每一位客户定制自动化解决方案,並从协同作用中获取最大得益。我们通过多功能、可升级的完整自动化平台,帮助您无论是最新的实验室仪器和设备、灵活的分析和报告软件构建灵活的端对端流程。当然,我们确保每个组件可以流畅高效地协同工作,以获取您想要的结果。

20 Years of industry experience

1600 Customers

50 Consultants

4 Sales Offices

Supply Partners

We are proud to represent some of the most renowned European makers of scientific instruments. Their background and offerings are profiled below. For more information on these outstanding suppliers, you may click on the link to see details of their outstanding products.

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