High Throughput & High Output Polyolefin Synthesis, Screening, Optimization & QC

High Throughput & High Output Polyolefin Synthesis, Screening, Optimization & QC

Chemspeed’s SMOLEFIN technology is the premier solution for high throughput and high output catalyst research and development, opening new dimensions to synthesize, reformat, store and apply the most sensitive and aggressive catalysts and reagents.

Catalyst Synthesis

The autoplant POSYCAT platform facilitates catalyst synthesis in up to 36 individually controlled and monitored process reactors. Difficult tasks such as accurate dispensing of solids / liquids; and pH adjustment can be easily performed throughout the reaction. Advanced robotics also enables tedious product purification steps such as filtration, centrifugation, and vacuum drying to be done with ease.





At the Swing SMOLEFIN platform, catalysts are reformatted by filling them in discrete quantities (e.g. 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 mmol) in sealed and crushable ampoules named PINs. During application, an exact quantity of catalysts can be dispensed by selecting the right combination of PINs. Sensitive or aggressive catalysts are sealed under an inert atmosphere for safe storage. A standardized catalyst library of reformatted catalysts is now ready to be tested.
Application & Testing : Autoplant POSY
Autoplant POSY delivers excellent control capabilities to cope with the large number of testing parameters during catalyst screening and optimization for polyolefin synthesis. In addition, the correct amount of catalysts/reagents in pre-filled PINs can be easily loaded into the reactor without calculation, weighing, cleaning and waste management. The PINs are also pressure graduated, meaning the well-protected catalysts will only be released at designated pressures. This unique remote controlled release technology allows different sequence of catalysts/reagents release, giving new insights into catalyst design and optimization.
  • SWING AutoPlant PosyCat
  • SWING Smolefin
Tools, Reactors & Vessels
  • 4 Needle-Head Volumetric Liquid Transfer Unit
  • Solid Dispensing Unit
  • GDU-P (Gravimetric Dispensing Unit – Powder)
  • Diluter Syringe
  • Formulation Vessels
3rd Party Instruments
  • Glovebox
Workflow Management Software
  • Chemspeed AutoSuite Interface
  • Chemspeed VLab


Chemspeed’s SMOLEFIN technology provides a true step-change in catalyst reformatting, sealing, storage and application. The SMOLEFIN concept, together with advanced reactor and robotic technology, addresses all technical challenges of handling sensitive catalysts and reagents.

The SMOLEFIN technology sets up a standardized catalyst library for polyolefin catalyst development and opens up possibilities beyond traditional synthetic and quality control approaches. Whether synthesizing homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts, SMOLEFIN offers an innovative solution with exceptional flexibility and productivity, taking polyolefin catalyst R&D to the next level.

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