Smart Assistant

The challenges that today’s researchers face are expecting to work across complex operations. Meanwhile, they also require dealing with subtle prepartions, which are repetitive and time-consuming. With the 5 features, SmartAssistant can make a difference to accommodate diverse forms of experimentation works in labs. They are SmartGuide, SmartLogistic, AutoStep, SmartMatch, and SuperVision:

SmartAssistant includes the following 5 features:


SmartGuide aids in managing workflows. Researchers could simply activate the system with voice, then it will begin to examine the archive records, tracking on-demand, and making suggestions. Additionally, SmartGuide will immediately inform the alerts for alternations to make sure the process running efficiently.


SmartLogistic facilitates the sharing of equipment and resources efficiently. For instance, it will measure the sum of consumables required in all experiments. When the quantity is insufficient, SmartLogistic will automatically order and replenish the stock to ensure materials are prepared beforehand.


AutoStep upkeeps time effectiveness. To avoid conflict of utilizing instruments simultaneously, the system designates the agenda for each experiment and determines their prioritization.


SmartMatch qualifies to undertake a high-volume experimental data analytic process. The system collects "Metadata" which is interpreted as a turning-point of the experiment. Researchers reveal the hindrances in advance, hence, they could make a modification before it comes late.


SuperVision incorporates virtual reality (VR), it enables real-time collaboration in several locations. For instance, supervisors with eyeglasses empowering them to observe any processes they demand in any other location and deliver instant alteration. SuperVision likewise advocates communication for such purposes as training and consultation.


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